Smart Cities

Smart City embodies innovative solutions enabled by digital technologies for effectively and efficiently creating and sustaining livable and vibrant infrastructures and ecosystems for socio-economic benefits of involved stakeholders including communities, enterprises and governments in the 21st century.
–Ali Babar, 2015–

Six Dimensions of a Smart City

  • Smart People: social and human capital to support smartness in a city.
  • Smart Governance:This category can incorporate the factors such as e-government, e-democracy, transparency and provision of open data.
  • Smart Economy: Competitiveness and economic growth resulting from innovation, productivity, entrepreneurship and flexible labor market.
  • Smart Environment: Smart utilization of energy and natural resources to save the nature.
  • Smart Living: It can incorporate variety of areas such as healthcare, safety, culture, quality of buildings and city infrastructure, tourist attractions etc.
  • Smart Mobility: Safety, efficiency and comfy of transportation system while highlights sustainable and green solutions to reduce carbon footprints.